​private 1 on 1 lessons

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​Private 1 on 1 Lessons

Private lessons are offered for obedience and manners training. These lessons last one hour and are one-on-one sessions with you and your family dog. With this option, you take part in training your family dog with our direction.

Private lessons require an extensive commitment to at home training. We customize these training sessions to fit what you want to work on with your family dog. This allows you to learn to communicate with your dog more effectively. Private lessons are available for any breed or character of dog.

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Private Lessons Testimonial

Belgian Malinois

German Shepherd

One Of many Paw manners Success Stories

"Seth is an amazing trainer. He truly has a passion for not only making sure your dog is trained properly, but makes sure you are as well. Our female we brought to him was our first Belgian Malinois. He really helped us understand the breed as he taught us how to work with her. The way he trains his dogs is very involved between sessions and at home work, which our girl needed. It was amazing to see how our little puppy turned from wild and crazy, to well trained and obedient. Seth really has an understanding of what dogs need to be able to thrive in their training. I have recommended him to many people, and will continue recommending him to everyone I know!"

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