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Reliable and effective dog training in Lakeland Fl that is GUARANTEED to work on your dog!

Dog training for all breeds, ages, and behavioral problems. With extensive experience in training pet and working dogs, We at paw manners are extending our proven training methods to you and your family dog. We guarantee astonishing results! 

  • ​Board and Training
  • Behavior Modification
  • Private Classes
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Loving, caring and guaranteed training

Here at Paw Manners Dog Training we pride ourselves on offering the best training experience and techniques in the industry. We are committed to ensuring you and your family dog are treated like our very own family. We accomplish this through a nurturing environment that replicates the ​same family environment they are used to. We welcome all breeds, ages, and behavioral problems with open arms. We believe that through our experience in dog training, we are able to provide the best, most reliable training in the industry for your ​family's best friend.

Paw Manners offers the following options for your training needs: Board and Train, One-on-One Classes, and Behavior Modification. The Board and Train option is our most effective and cost friendly option. This allows us to spend every day with your dog and give them countless hours of training that ensures they return to your home with the training they need. Each option is committed to providing your family dog with the training they need ​as well as providing you with the communication ​skills necessary to complement that training.

Paw Manners Dog Training understands that there is a bond between you and your pet. We understand that your dog is a part of the family. This is why, we are most concerned with ensuring they are comfortable and treated like one of our very own during the training process. Paw Manners Dog Training promises, to provide you and your family dog with the best experience and service that the industry has to offer.

Thank you, for taking the time to visit our site and consider Paw Manners Dog Training for your dog training needs.

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Does your dog bark at people, jump on your guests, or drag you down the street by a leash? Do you want to train your puppy to be confident and obedient? Do you want to learn the best techniques for training your dog? Whatever your concerns, we can help. Paw Manners offers 3 different programs to address all of your dog’s behavior issues and each program delivers positive results.

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Board and Train

Board and Train is the most effective option offered when it comes to providing your family dog with obedience and manners. This option also provides you with the best results at the best price!

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Behavior Modification

Sometimes, your loving family dog may have behavior problems that aren’t conducive to your lifestyle. Here at Paw Manners Dog Training LLC, we can help with that.

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Private 1 on 1 classes

Private lessons are offered for obedience and manners training. These lessons last one hour and are one-on-one lessons with you and your family dog.

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"Look no Further than Paw Manners"

I wish I could rate higher than five stars! Seth's professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, and incredibly approachable demeanor are only surpassed by his knowledge and expertise with dog training.

His focus on positive-only reinforcement with our puppy was a welcome difference from the other training programs we had looked into and I feel it is a HUGE positive that sets his program well above the rest!

Seth was regularly in communication with us - providing us updates on the training, as well as pictures and videos of our pup as he was going through the various exercises or just looking cute.

We'll be sending our pup back for Off-leash training in a few weeks and can't wait to be able to take our pup on walks without needing a leash!

If you're looking for dog training, look no further than Paw Manners!

Michael Dorsey - Cockapoo

"Showing You the Right Way"

Seth is an amazing dog handler and a great guy and will work with you on whatever you're wanting to accomplish with your dog. He’s very good at explaining and showing you the right way of doing things. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone in the future.

David Maxwell - Active Dog

"Contemporary and a Positive Approach"

I have worked in law enforcement for over 30 years. Seth and I worked years together in the K9 Unit. His approach to training is contemporary and a positive approach. He has the back ground and experience to work through even the most stubborn and dominant breeds. You won’t be disappointed. 2*

Mike Ard - German Shepherd

"Best Decision We Ever Made"

After just one week of having our puppy working/boarding with Seth we saw a major difference in the puppy biting, furniture biting, leash walking and multiple other typical puppy habits. Best decision we ever made. Seth is extremely knowledgeable and overall a great guy.

Tyler Moore - American Bulldog

"Helped Us Understand the Breed"

Seth is an amazing trainer. He truly has a passion for not only making sure your dog is trained properly, but makes sure you are as well. Our female we brought to him was our first Belgian Malinois. He really helped us understand the breed as he taught us how to work with her. The way he trains his dogs is very involved between sessions and at home work, which our girl needed. It was amazing to see how our little puppy turned from wild and crazy, to well trained and obedient. Seth really has an understanding of what dogs need to be able to thrive in their training. I have recommended him to many people, and will continue recommending him to everyone I know!

Jessica Durocher - Belgian Malinois

"Highly Recommended"

Seth was highly recommended to us when we needed training for our Doberman Pincsher puppy. Amazing trainer and program!

Marcie Jackson - Doberman Pinscher

"He Came Back Top Notch"

Did such a great job with my GSD. I had no worries the whole time my dog was gone and he came back home top notch, definitely worth it. My dog is in way better condition than before trained , I highly recommend!!

Michael Kresmery - German Shepard

"Highly Recommend"

I have 2, 5 month old French bulldogs that were out of control and would not listen to me. We contacted Seth and he recommended the 5 week board and train. We were reluctant about them leaving us for so long but decided to do it. Seth kept in great contact with us of their progress. And after only 4 weeks he brought them home to us. They are still the same playful puppies but their manners are amazing. They listen to us way better. Thank you Seth. I would highly recommend him if you are frustrated with your dog this made all the difference.

Heidi Durocher - French Bulldog

"Dedication to Craft"

Seth's dedication to his craft and the well being of dogs is astonishing. His ability to pinpoint the root cause of behavioral issues, and correct them is amazing. I would highly recommended his service to anyone who truly wants to have a great relationship with their dog.

Colby Hall - Doberman Pinscher

"Well Versed in Dog Training Techniques"

Could not ask for a better experience. Seth is well versed in dog training techniques and is able to instruct owners on how to continue with them at home to ensure success with our fur babies. Seth is a great guy with a positive and caring attitude Highly recommend Paw Manners!!

Michele Ware - Goldendoodle





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