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​Board and train

Board and Train is the most effective option offered when it comes to providing your family dog with obedience and manners. This option also provides you with the best results at the best price! 

With Board and Train, your family dog will live with us for 4-5 weeks, where he or she will receive daily one-on-one training, resulting in hundreds of repetitions. Your dog will develop the manners they need, while living and training inside of a family home environment. This ensures that your dog is trained in a manner that resembles the loving home to which they will return.

At the end of the board and train program, you will receive 1-2 hours of instruction on how your dog was trained. This allows you to communicate more effectively with your family dog and maintain the training that has been instilled—yielding a happier dog and a happier you!

The Board and Train option covers of the following trained behaviors:

  • ​Sit
  • ​Down
  • ​Stay
  • ​Come
  • ​Place
  • ​Leash Walking
  • ​Basic Manners
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Board and train Testimonial

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

One Of many Paw manners Success Stories

"Did such a great job with my GSD, I had no worries the whole time my dog was gone , he came back home top notch definitely worth it, my dog is in way better condition than before trained, I highly recommend!!"

Michael Kresmery





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