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Dog training for all breeds, ages, and behavioral problems. With over 10 years experience in training working dogs, We at paw manners are extending our effective training methods to you and your family pet. 

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Here at Paw Manners Dog Training we pride ourselves on offering the best training experience and techniques in the industry. We are committed to ensuring you and your family dog are treated like our very own family. We accomplish this through providing a nurturing environment that resembles your family home. Paw Manners welcomes all breeds, ages, and behavioral problems with open arms. Our experience in dog training enables us to provide for your pet the best, most reliable training in the industry.

Paw Manners offers the following options for your training needs: 

  • Board and Train
  • Behavior Modification
  • Private Lessons

Each option is committed to providing your family dog with the training they need as well as providing you with the communication skills necessary to complement that training.The Board and Train option is our most effective and cost friendly option. This allows us to spend every day with your dog and give them countless hours of training that ensures they return to your home with the training they need. 

Paw Manners Dog Training understands that there is a bond between you and your pet. We understand that your dog is a part of the family. This is why, we are most concerned with ensuring they are comfortable and treated like one of our very own during the training process. Paw Manners Dog Training promises, to provide you and your family dog with the best experience and service that the industry has to offer.

Thank you, for taking the time to visit our site and consider Paw Manners Dog Training for your dog training needs.

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Meet the trainer

Seth ​

Seth has been training dogs since 2008 and is now a ​retired Police K9 Handler. Seth is a certified Florida Department of Law Enforcement K9 handler and is also a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Police K9 Instructor. He has trained with many K9 teams across Florida and has trained countless family dogs across Florida. Seth founded Valor Working Dogs in 2014 where he began breeding and raising dogs to work in specific working fields. Seth’s ​most recent patrol K9 was raised by him, from an 8 week old puppy. Seth trained this dog in extensive obedience, criminal apprehension, tracking, patrol tactics, and narcotic detection. This dog, along with Seth’s prior K9 partners, hold both state and national certifications.

Seth’s passion for training spilled over into pet dogs as well, where Seth determined his experience and knowledge in training working dogs was beneficial in training pet dogs. Seth is dedicated to providing his clients with the training they need for their dogs and providing them with a form of communication with their dog that will benefit them for years to come. Seth uses proven forms of training that consist of positive, clear communication that makes training possible for any breed or character of dog. Seth is dedicated to providing you and your family dog with a positive experience and the best training methods the industry has to offer.





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